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I installed the axle extender on the shifter side of the bike as instructed. The fork doesn't reach frame now. What do I do?
Thanks for following our last instruction and not using the axle extender on the left side where it wasn't required. You had enough thread there and that firmly mounts our bracket to the frame. Now t
My bike has rear disc brakes. Will the Small HD or Adult kit work with the rear disc brake on my bike?
The Small HD and Adult FATWHEELS kits will adapt to a bike with a rear disc brake. Typically, bikes with disc brake calipers in the 9 to 12 o'clock position, (as viewed from the left side), need to
My inner tube is not holding air, what do I do?
Here's some helpful information on how to service your tires for maximum performance.
The fork on my FATWHEELS kit doesn't connect to the frame and the brackets spins when I ride. What do I do?
There’s a couple of things wrong with this installation. Most likely this bike does not require the axle extenders. You would only use them when there is not enough axle thread to fasten the br
The spoke opening on my wheel/rim is quite small and I can't fit my tire pump on the air valve. What type of air pump should I use?
You may want to try a mini pump, they are quite small and work well as the tires don't require much air to fill them. Some brands even omit the thumb lock so the valve adapter is very small.