Special Needs Bikes

What are my options?

transitional solutions

These products are temporary learning tools that promote balance. Your rider will either learn to ride independently (yay!) or you will need to find a permanent adaptive cycling solution.


Traditional Training Wheels

Do not "grow" with the rider

Designed for typical children to use for a short period of time until they achieve balance.

Not stable

Designed for young children

Max. weight limit 75 lbs.

Price range

$20 - $90


Balance Bikes

Unnecessary expense

To turn a bike into a balance bike:

- remove pedals

- lower seat

Not a permanent solution

Used for short period of time before additional purchase of typical bike or adaptive product is necessary

Price range

$65 - $200


permanent solutions

These products are designed for riders that have serious impairments. We sometimes see individuals placed on this type of equipment when they don't need to be. Don't make the mistake of buying one of these bikes if your rider does not need the level of support that they provide.

Adaptive Bikes

Not necessary for many riders

Only suitable for riders with serious impairments

No flexibility

Not designed to promote balance

Price range:

$3,500 - $5,000+


Adaptive Training Wheels

Retro-Fit Almost Any Bike

- Kits for bikes from 16-29"

- Kits "grow" with rider (upgrade brackets available)

- will work with most bikes that peers ride

Ultimate Flexibility

- Use as either a training tool (wheels adjusted up) or a

permanent solution (wheels on the ground)

- Training wheels come on and off for storage, travel, and ....independent riding!

Price Range:

Between $169 - $229


the best of both worlds

Why limit your rider to an ineffective or unnecessary temporary solution? And why place them on an adapted bike before you even know if they will be able to ride independently? With FATWHEELS adaptive training wheels, you don't have to make that choice. Use our kits as either a training tool, a permanent adaptive solution or both!

And what happens when your rider grows? Do you have to buy another adaptive bike? Yikes! That can get expensive.

With FATWHEELS, simply keep the wheels that you already have and purchase a larger set of brackets when your rider moves up to a bigger bike.

Best of all, if your rider begins to ride independently, simply remove the FATWHEELS - it really is that simple.

We offer an affordable "all-in-one" solution that gives you and your rider the flexibility and safety needed for both today and tomorrow.

so what are you waiting for?

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