Listen to what this Mom has to say about the freedom her child experienced from riding a bicycle - don't you want that for your child?

Family bike rides.  Being included with the other kids in the neighborhood.  Every child deserves to ride a bike!

Our son was diagnosed with Autism at 2 and last year we started having trouble with him bending the training wheels and not being able to balance on his bike. He was taking horse therapy at the time and in OT and we knew he wasn’t ready to even try riding with out the training wheels because he would get so tired so fast while riding his bike so it so frustrating when we thought he would have to give up bike riding. When I found you guys I was THRILLED. He is back on the path again and it allows us family time that isn’t in front of a gaming system and that is priceless.

So thank you from another family with special needs. We are so grateful for companies that see a need for something and do something about it. ;) We will always spread the word about FATWHEELS. by H. Lynd

Wow! I opened them up this morning, and could not have been happier with them. They're extremely well made! My son has to have hip surgery, so we didn't want him to try riding without wheels this summer. by M. Sullivan


We are very happy with our purchase. Our 11-year-old special needs daughter who has low muscle tone and balance issues can now ride a bike. She is out of this world excited and so are we! Thank You!



"THANK YOU for helping our family bike ride become a reality!"

".......So happy I bought these - now I can get out & enjoy my bike again without the fear of falling - thanks FATWHEELS!"

Benjamin O.

Ben has diagnosed with Asperger's and mild cerebral palsy which has affected his balance. Up until recently Ben hasn't been able to ride a two wheel bike and has been using a Rifton trike. But as both he and his sister have been getting older it's been getting harder and harder for him to keep up on the trike.

Regular training wheels have never worked well for Ben since they still allowed the bike to tip very easily. .

So we looked online for larger training wheels and came across FATWHEELS. They were just what we were looking for.

Now Ben is able to ride his 2 wheel bike with much more stability (He still needs to learn not to take fast, sharp turns, but that will come in time) and we will be taking it on our very next camping trip for him to ride!


more word of mouth

CP takes a backseat to FATWHEELS - 

 My son was diagnosed with mild CP at birth. It effects his right side, so his balance and coordination are poor. His prior biking past was with regular training wheels and they were as you would expect them to be, he was able to ride and he loved it. Then he got bigger and the training wheels buckled and broke under his weight, needless to say, he was a very discouraged 6-year old that couldn't get the whole two-wheel thing down. He started to hate trying to ride his bike. Then I googled heavy-duty training wheels on the chance there was some kind of product available out there, and voila..FATWHEELS! We had to fart around a bit to get them just right for his bike, but once we did... CP took a backseat to FATWHEELS and has given my son the freedom to ride with his friends once again. "Thank You" FATWHEELS! Ride on!

Father of 7 yo with Cortical Visual Impairment - Raleigh NC

Purchased for 7 yo with Cortical Visual Impairment, who had to have the same bike as her 5 year old sister. That required me to find training wheels that would fit a bike with gears, disk brakes, and quick release wheels. Our local bike shops in Raleigh, NC did not have anything available to accomplish this mission. After a quick google search I found FATWHEELS. Determining which model I needed was easy from their descriptions; but to ensure it would fit I reached out to them and was quickly connected with one of the owners who helped determine that they would indeed fit.  They work wonderfully and my daughter is loving our rides.  Due to the width, they are tricky to get on a bike rack with other bikes.  Modification ideas: 1) quick releases or way to collapse for easier transport. 2) option for a flag/light Wonderful product that opened a new door for my visually impaired daughter and has given us the opportunity to enjoy bike rides as a family.   Thank you FATWHEELS!

Independence Is Priceless!  Amy WA 

"We went back and forth for 2 weeks deciding if we wanted to pay this much for training wheels for our 10 year old son that has special needs.  My advice....DON’T WAIT!  Seeing his smiling face and hearing him yell “I’m riding!” is worth every penny!" 

My Special Needs Son Loves Them!  AZ  

"My special needs son knew how to pedal on a bike with regular training wheels but he would never stay on very long because his core strength to push wasn't good enough and with the tilting of the wheels it made him nervous.  Now with FatWheels he is off and running on his bike - absolutely loving it! He is building strength in his legs and building independence!"


These Wheels Are Wonderful!  Patricia Schneider New Holstein, WI 

"My son is a Brain Cancer Survivor since 4. He is 13 now. He has balance issues. So these wheels are wonderful. He loves riding his bike now." ☺ 

My Daughter Enjoys Her Big Bike  Jerome  Bowmanville 

"Fat wheels were easy to install.  If you use axle extenders you need a vice to bend the bracket. My daughter enjoys being able to ride a big bike." 

Happy Parent  Jim Phipps 

"Great product.....will finally allow my disabled son the ability to ride a bike!"

 Small FATWHEELS Sandra Nebraska 

"These are so amazing! Now my granddaughter can ride her bike with no worries about tipping over. She’s so happy to be able to go on bike rides now. She has a disability so she’s not as sturdy as other 5 yr olds so it gave her independence and I’m so grateful for that."

Perfect Solution!  Ally Boca Raton 

"Purchased the small fat wheels for my son who is on the autism spectrum. He has wanted to ride a bike just like his big brother for years, But could not coordinate the balance and the handling of the wheels at the same time. We installed the fat wheels and within 30 minutes my son was writing down the street with his older brother running next to him. It was amazing! And well worth the cost."


"Excellent customer service! Amazing product, sturdy, durable, and look cool. Gives ability to ride a regular bike with these. In love with these!"

Just Plain Awesome   Paul Miller Western Chicago Suburbs

"My son has single sided deafness. Making balance an issue. We put these wheels on his bike. And off he went. They've been on his bike about 2 weeks and he's riding almost daily. Great product. My wife recommended these to her cousin as his son also has a balance problem."


"They work great and my low tone son LOVES the freedom of a big boy bike!!"

A Blessing For Special Needs Children  Ricky A. Gabbard Greenwood, AR 

"My grandson has several issues both emotional and physical. When playing with his friends in the neighborhood, they would take off on their bikes and he on foot. The balance issue on a bike held him back, training wheels were unstable and he stayed away from them. I did a little research and found the Fatwheels looked solid. They came in and were easy to install in a matter of minutes. The bike is stable and he feels secure. I thought the larger wheels would stand out, but I was wrong. You made a young man very happy.  Your product has spread through the special needs community and I think you should aggressively market to this group of children. It has made a world of difference for his inclusion into what is common for most of us. Thank you very much."

Large Fatwheels  Dave Edwards Mesa, AZ 

"We purchased these to attach to a 24 inch bike we purchased for our handicapped daughter.  She has balance challenges and these wheels worked perfectly to stabilize the bike for her.  I highly recommend them."

Fatwheels  JK Greenbay, WI 

"Website was easy to use and order fatwheels.  I was not sure if they would arrive before Christmas, so I emailed customer service and received a fast, friendly, and helpful reply.  We received them in time for Christmas and cannot wait to have Chris try them out when it gets warm enough to bike again in Wisconsin."

FatWheels For The Win!!!!  Indiana 

"Our son has CP that affects his mobility in his left side. He cannot ride a two wheel bike and his insurance would not cover a special needs bike. These FatWheels did exactly as advertised. We modified a normal bike with the help of FatWheels and now our son can ride a bike independently and we saved a ton of money vs the cost of a special needs bike! Every kid deserves wheels!"

Great Product. Fast shipping Spike New Mexico 

"Didn't know they existed until we bought an adult tricycle and it was of such poor quality (Schwinn) that we sent it wife suggested training wheels,and we laughed about it.come on,training wheels for an adult?we looked it up on line and Fatwheels was the first website we saw they looked good so we bought 2 sets.they were a breeze to install,and everybody wants to know where we got them.we just tell them,FATWHEELS.COM Great product..great price..."

Replacing The Whole Wheel Julie Koehler  Parma, Ohio 

"Everything was handled beautifully.   I appreciate your patience in helping us.  The training wheels have helped my son tremendously."

Large Fat Wheels Colorado Springs, CO 

"Wonderful product, very sturdy, well built and easy to install.  Extremely satisfied and would recommend it to any one who has a child with special needs."

Fantastic BP Westford, MA 

"Our daughter got on the bike and started riding, and I think that says it all!  Installation can be tricky, my husband had to cut a metal piece on the bike to attach the fat wheel to the proper spot on the frame. Overall very satisfied!"

Small fatwheels  LS Indiana 

"My grandson wasn't able to ride his bike until I found these online. I loved his smile when we put these on his bike & he was able to go riding with his siblings. Great investment for any child who need a little extra help."

Great Quality R Plummer Florida 

"These were purchased for my Autistic child. Once her Daddy installed them, she is riding her bike like a pro!"

She said "I'M FREE!" Mary Kenyon Fredericksburg, VA 

"My daughter is 12 and autistic. She was so excited to get a bike for her bday last year but riding was such a challenge because she was never comfortable on the rinky dink training wheels. I was so happy to find FatWheels I compared them to a few other styles I had seen and they not only had a better price but also appeared to be much sturdier.  I was immediately pleased with the quality and size of the wheels. They look like they will last a long time. My daughter was able to sit with out wobbling and immediately began to ride independently for the first time within seconds! She was OVERJOYED! She said it was "SO AMAZING" that she was "FREE" and "I'M GETTING OUTTA HERE!"  I almost cried! She got pedaling so fast at one point I had to run to catch up and grab the breaks LOL Thank you FAT WHEELS!"

Small Fat Wheels  Shirley Plainfield, IL 

"We ordered fat wheels for our grandson's 20 inch bike. He has a hip condition which would worsen if he fell. We feel very confident with him using his bike with the fat wheels. They are very sturdy and well made. Thank you for his product. We give it 5 stars!!"

Review of Adult FatWheels Aimee and Jackson Delaware 

"FatWheels has been so helpful in determining the size for my son's bike. He was too scared to ride his bike with traditional training wheels but now he is riding all over the place with his friends. I'm just so happy with the full experience and the product!"

Freedom! Jennifer 

"This is our second set of fat wheels and we love them. Get a vise or find someone who has one, because most bikes will need the axle extenders. Instructions are easy to follow and installation took 1 hour."

No regrets 

"Purchased the large Fatwheels for our 10 year old son who has Down Syndrome.  He LOVES riding his new 26" bike and these wheels give him the stability he needs to feel secure and safe.Very pleased with our purchase!"

Best purchase ever! Jennifee New Jersey 

"We couldn't be happier with our purchase!! Thanks to fatwheels our daughter was able to ride her new bike!! They are so sturdy, she races around on her bike. Before we found fatwheels we had purchased so many different types of training wheels that just didnt work our daughter is eight and autistic she is not a tiny little kid. She would get so upset every time we put on a new set of training wheels that just wouldnt work. I cant even explain how big her smile was when her fatwheels arrived and were put on her bike! She loves to ride now and is definitely confident with her new fatwheels. My husband and I both agree the best purchase we ever made. Very good quality! Excellent transaction and fast shipping. Thank you fatwheels!!!!"

Perfect selection!   Happy customer! 

"My son is diagnosed with autism.  His balance and coordination is moderate for learning to ride a bike.  Therefore he needs training wheels that can completely hold him upright, while he practices.  We've tried less expensive training wheel sets from different companies and they all failed to give him the balance and support he needs.  They made him very discouraged.  So we decided to invest the extra money on a set of FAT WHEELS.  My son is now eager and has the confidence to learn to ride his bike.  The wheels are "real" tires and tough tread.  So they even offer enough support for him to ride his bike over a small step that we have in our backyard, without tipping!  Believe me...  They are worth the price!"

adult training wheels  Anthony DeOliveira Princeton, NJ 

"Good product great service Thank you"

Fatwheels  Susan Houston, Texas  

"They are perfect for my 10 yr old Granddaughter  who has cerebral palsy.  She loves to ride bike but needs the training wheels."

Great product  Kel Greensboro, NC

"Stability and mobility.   Easy to put on.  Overall we are very pleased."

Love! Happy Mama NJ 

"We are very happy with our purchase. Our 11 year old special needs daughter whom has low muscle tone and balance issues can now ride a bike. She is out of this world excited and so are we! Thank you!"


Great Purchase  Destiny Adams Hot Springs 

"This is just what she needed to help her gain the confidence in order to ride her bike. Now she can ride, no matter what. This is perfect."

thank you!  Alaska 

"My 7 year old has a vestibular issue that makes riding a bike without assistance unlikely. However, Fatwheels have enabled him to use a size appropriate bike for him, which helps strengthen his core and legs! He loves riding!"

Love the stability it provides  Ema Reddick Fl.  

"So far my daughter has been going back to riding her bicycle with confidence and it gives us the opportunity to get her secure and wean her off as well to ride without them."

Small Fatwheels  Chicago, IL

"I have an 8 year old daughter with cerebral palsy. She isn't able to ride a regular bike because she is weak and has great muscle spasticity on the right side. Regular training wheels worked for awhile but as she grew, they just didn't work well anymore. The last few years or so she has had to watch other kids ride bikes while she could not. But then we came across Fatwheels! These are amazing! They give her the stability she needs to ride. She loves being able to go fast. Being able to ride like the other kids has also improved her confidence. Nothing is better than to see her smile being able to ride. Thank you Fatwheels!"

Fatwheels  Jay L. Leo, Indiana

"My youngest son is 15, epileptic and special needs. His balance is not the best. Before the fat wheels, we would go through about 4 or 5 sets of training wheels a summer.  The fat wheels have really given him something to enjoy.  He calls his bike the lawn mower.  He cuts the grass all day, every day (weather permitting). Thank you so much."

Life Changing Product  Tom Robertson Nashville, TN

"Bakers for Bikes is a club started at my daughters school to raise money through bake sales to buy adaptive bikes for children with physical or cognitive hurdles that prevent them from riding a standard bike. We were able to get two more young men riding this year thanks to FATWHEELS. These guys have both done fantastic riding a 24 inch bike with FATWHEELS with friends and family.  One boy is competing in a triathlon in July now that he can ride a bike independently."

Very Stable Product  J Bogs Omaha

"Product is well-built and very stable for an older adult."

Large fatwheels  

"These were easy to install and have given my son the freedom to ride a cool bicycle with the rest of the family!"

Great Design   Stephen Kutchko

"I finally installed FATWHEELS after wearing out several training wheels and these are so much more stable and durable. FATWHEELS are a wonderful alternative to an expensive and complicated trike axle."

Well Built/Best Training Wheels Ever!  GJP Puget Sound

"These small FatWheels are actually much bigger than "standard" training wheels you normally see. These essentially turn your child's bike into a tricycle. The wheels have much nicer bearing surfaces and they roll very smoothly with no wobbling."

Annie C and her getaway wheels  Richard Story Hellertown, PA

"Our 8-year old had a stroke 2 years ago and was left partially paralyzed.  Fatwheels helped get her back on her bicycle this Christmas!!! Thanks Fatwheels!"  - Rick Story

Small FATWHEELS  Rodney Quincy, IL

"Fantastic customer service and a wonderful product."

Feel factor Of The Adult Fat Wheels for training  Poushali De Bhaumik Fremont, CA

"Good looking robust training wheels with a sense of assurance. Fits easy but a wee bit bulkier and takes up a little more space than desired perhaps. Very satisfactory and safe and reliable feel about it. Installation was not complicated but looks like it could be a little more heavy duty considering the heaviness of the hardwares."

Great Product  Martha Bouchard White Lake, MI

"This is much more affordable than a tricycle and smaller making it easier to transport.

Patient is very happy  Julie S Cary NC

"Our patient is now able to ride his bike with his neighborhood friends, who all think his wheels are pretty cool!Excellent service - thank you very much."

FATWHEELS  Tricia Rudnisky West Roxbury, MA

"Our son Thomas is doing so well with his new FATWHEELS.  He now loves to ride his bike!!"

LOVE THESE!!!  Monica Colorado Springs, CO.

"My daughter can FINALLY ride a bike! She has Autism and struggles with balance and gross motor skills. We put these on her bike and she was riding the SAME DAY!! Thank you for such a great product. Very high quality! It is so great to see her be able to ride with her sister! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!"

Excellent Product  Daniel Hayden Goddard KS

"Regular training wheels were not strong enough to support my son.  The FATWHEELS support him and now he rides his bike everyday."

Very Pleased!  Renee Bouchard Middletown, CT

"Thrilled with the small FATWHEELS!  Found them to be well made and sturdy.  The instructions ( and instructional video on website) made the installation simple.  My autistic son is now able to ride a bike that is better fit for his size.  I am confident, in time, he will learn to ride without having them but for now they are Godsend!"

Wide Open Range  Stacy Meyer Hillsboro, IL

"We're a returning customer and we've just upgraded to the Large FATWHEELS. My 14 autistic boy is so proud of his wheels and tells everyone that we pass.  He definitely has more confidence and has more stamina to out ride his younger brother. A very satisfied customer!"

My Son loves his FATWHEELS!  Steve O Shelby Township, MI

"We bought these for my son, who has mild cerebral palsy that affects his balance, and now he is able to ride a two wheel bike and keep up with the family on bike rides! Regular training wheels just didn't provide the same amount of stability. We took his bike camping this weekend and he was able to ride everywhere we did and he got quite a few compliments on the wheels as well!"

AWESOME!  Holly Avery-Leblanc 

"Amazing service!

Amazing staff! Amazing product!

...and one VERY happy special needs Mama!!"

Superb  Terryblee Terry Twitchell Fort Wayne, IN

"Excellent service and product.  Used these to help an 85 year old lady avoid the dreaded Adult trike.  She was able to use her really cute existing bike, and get around her neighborhood in modern style...  Buy these, follow the instructions, or have your helpful local bike shop install them.  Fun times for all."

Awesome Product  

"Our 16 year old daughter has Down Syndrome and had all but given up on riding her bicycle until we found FATWHEELS! We ordered her a set, installed them in just a few minutes and she took off like she had been riding for years!!"

Excellent Company Rob Herrmann Sturbridge, MA

"FATWHEELS went out of their way to help me.  They provided great customer service and support.  This helped me get my Special Olympic athlete biking sooner rather than later."

Great!!!!  MLM Joliet, IL

"My 10 yr nephew has autism and he is non verbal. Our dream is to see him ride a bicycle. With this product, our dream will soon become a reality, with his cooperation of course lol!!  The product was exactly as expected. If fact a lot larger in person than they appear in photo online, which is even better... Due to the large size, we should be able to use for different larger bikes years to come. This product is well worth every penny! Thank you."

Great wheels for my daughter  Mari Hawthorn Woods, IL

"Easy to install and super sturdy! My 8 year old daughter with special needs feels so much more comfortable and balanced than with rickety wheels.  So far so good!"

Great Product!  Ron Hollaway NY

"Ordered Fat Wheels for our autistic son's bicycle years ago. Several bicycles later the Fat Wheels are still great, but he has outgrown the bikes (and the brackets), so it's time to upgrade. Thanks for a great product!"

Love your product  Maureen Waltz South Dartmouth, MA

"I would just like to say thank you for having such a wonderful product.  My daughter who is now 13 has cerebral palsy.  Although starting off riding with typical training wheels, as she got older she felt uncomfortable about falling over.

We were told by a friend about your product and she has used them ever since.  She just got a new 24" bike for Christmas and we are now purchasing the fat wheels for that size.   Although she will have to get used to having the brakes on the handlebars she is just so excited that she will be able to ride with her friends and family this summer.

We just love your product."

Awesome!  Sharon Crean Orlando, FL.

"Purchased small fat wheels for my grandson who has cerebral palsy and has balance issues.  They were easy and quick to install and he's been riding again every day!  He had these before but his bike was destroyed in a fire but he got right on and rode with no problem once again.  Thank you Tony for your help to be sure I had what I needed!"

Pedals with Straps 1/2" and Large Fat Wheels  Brian Bush Clermont, FL

"I purchased both the Pedals with Straps 1/2" and Large Fat Wheels for my 11 year old special needs daughter.  I bought her an Electra Cruiser 7D 24" bike that these products are now mounted on.  I have to say the products are excellent and believe me I can be pretty critical.  For the first time ever she is able to ride around without the fear of tipping over.  The pedals are excellent because of the weights on the bottom that make them always sit with the strap up.  Excellent products, excellent purchase experience, excellent company.  Thank you Fatwheels!"

Works Great  F.M.

"Installed them on a 20 inch bike work great and you can raise the wheels up once your child gets more confident on the bike!!!"

Just what I needed!  Selena J. Statesville, NC

"Thank you for making it so easy to help my child learn to ride a bike! I emailed a picture of the bike and asked what size Fatwheels would be the best fit. I got an email response the same day! My package arrived when it was promised, and I will be HIGHLY a recommending your company to all of my friends! God bless you!"

Great option  PA

"These are great. They are sturdy and easy to put on. 

Purchased for  a bike program at my daughters elementary school as another option for kids to use who still have balance issues 

And another option other than a glide bike. It allows them to feel more like the other  kids and keep up with the kids who can ride."

o excited  Maria Goulding Neptune, NJ

"My son has Aspergers syndrome with delayed motor skills.  He refused to get on a bike with or without training wheels. We purchased fat wheels and showed him how stable they were. He was so excited to try to ride today! He now says he can't wait to ride with his friends! Thank you!"S

Great Product  Dean Indianapolis, IN

"Got the small FatWheels for our 10 yr old and fitted to a 20 inch two wheeler. As a child with down syndrome it may be a while before she can ride with out extra wheels, but training wheels won't support a kid her age. The FatWheels work great!! They were easy to install and support the bike perfectly. I have them set to stay in contact with the ground at all times. They give the bike solid support and keep it steady through turns. Our daughter can now enjoy riding her 'big girl bike'! Thanks FatWheels."

Small Fatwheels  Joseph J. Bertucci Metuchen, NJ

"Well constructed, we've only had them 3 days, too early to determine durability."

So glad I made this purchase  Jillian Pedone Alameda, CA

"So glad I got the tip from my sons PT at school. He has autism and various motor impairments. I was worried I would have to buy him a ridiculously expensive adaptive bike. I'm so grateful FATWHEELS had this option. He is over the moon about his new bike and the training wheels give him enough support (and he is very stout) to ride down the street!  Yay! I would recommend these to anyone with motor difficulties."