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To find the right set of FATWHEELS you must know the size of your bike and the weight of your rider.

How do I know what size bike I have?

Bike size is determined by the height of the tires. The size is printed on the sidewall of the rear tire. The first number in the sequence is the height of the tire - this tire fits a 29" bike.

about fat tire BIKES

Fat tire bikes sit higher off the ground than typical bikes so you need to measure your bike's rear height from the ground to the center of the bike's rear axle nut and choose the appropriate kit.

Small FATWHEELS: Rear Axle Height Range (7 1/4" - 10 1/2")

Large FATWHEELS: Rear Axle Height Range: (10 3/4" - 14 5/8")


about standard BIKES

This chart will help you determine the best bike size for your rider

what are the best bikes for FATWHEELS?

There are four basic features that work best for compatibility with FATWHEELS:

"A" frame bike with a straight chain stay

Solid rear axle

Rear axle thread extends at least 3/16" past nut

Rear axle thread 3/8" X 24 or 26 tpi (threads per inch)

what about...?

Multi-speed bikes with derailleurs

All FATWHEELS products are designed to accommodate bikes with derailleurs

Small and Large FATWHEELS kits including Upgrade Brackets will not work with bikes equipped with a Nexus shifter

Bikes with active rear suspension

FATWHEELS will not work on bicycles with active rear suspension

Bikes with quick-release hubs

The Small & Large FATWHEELS cannot be used on a bike with quick-release hubs - they require a solid rear axle.

The Small HD and Adult FATWHEELS are designed differently and can be used on bicycles with quick-release hubs.

Folding bikes of any kind

FATWHEELS will not work with folding bikes due to their unique frame designs. These bikes are shorter in overall length and the rider's feet will contact our bracket set.

Tandem bikes & tag-a-longs

We do not recommend that FATWHEELS bikes be used with tandems or tag-a-longs - they are designed to be used by a single rider on one bike.

Electric bikes or e-Bikes

We do not recommend that FATWHEELS be used with electric bikes - our kits are not designed for higher speeds and should not be used at speeds greater than 6-10 miles per hour. Modern e-Bike have complex rear frame shapes and are equipped in most cases with drive components that make it different than a typical pedal bike which we adapt to. If your e-Bike has a frame design compatible with our product, we recommend that the bike be speed governed to a speed not to exceed 6-10 MPH. We highly suggest you work with one of our technicians to determine a fit in this case.  You can access help from a tech at this link: Need Help Deciding


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