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I have a 26" Electric Bike, do you have a kit that fits?
Last Updated: 03/19/2024

I have an Aveny Skyline 26" e-bike and I was wondering if your product is compatible?

e-Bikes are becoming very popular these days and we receive these requests more-and-more. Though your bike has a typical frame shape that would allow the FATWHEELS brackets to install, we do make disclaimers about speed. We do not recommend that FATWHEELS be used with electric bikes - our kits are not designed for higher speeds and should not be used at speeds greater than 6-10 miles per hour. If your E-bike has a frame design compatible with our product, we recommend that the bike be speed governed to a speed not to exceed 6-10 MPH. We do this for safety reasons, and to protect the rider. High speeds can develop a wobble causing loss of control. We need to make you aware. See - https://www.fatwheels.com/what-size-for-my-rider_...

That being said, I see your bike has a caliper at at the 9-12 o'clock position. This requires the use of our caliper spacer kit. Please review the information about this add on to see if it meets the bikes spacing. Disc Brake Spacer Kit

Lastly, to help with your purchasing decision, please review the instruction sheet and installation video at these links.

Adult and Small HD Instructions

Adult and Small HD Install Video

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