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My bike has rear disc brakes. Will the Small HD or Adult kit work with the rear disc brake on my bike?
Last Updated: 01/25/2023
The Small HD and Adult FATWHEELS kits will adapt to a bike with a rear disc brake. Typically, bikes with disc brake calipers in the 9 to 12 o'clock position, (as viewed from the left side), need to be checked for clearance. If you have a bike where the brake caliper is located inside the 9 to 12 o'clock position on the left side you need to be sure that the caliper does not stick out past the side of the frame more than 1/8". This is due to the mounting flange on our kit. Our mounting flange rests directly on the side of the frame tube and is only spaced out slightly by the mounting hardware. Our kits are one size fits all and not specific to any one bike on the market. Please be sure to use this information before you order your FATWHEELS kit.

If you caliper does stick out past the frame more than 1/8" but no more that 3/8" you can use our Disc Brake Spacer Kit # DBS1 Disc Brake Spacer Kit

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