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This is what Canadians are saying about FATWHEELS

"So glad we purchased these. They have made a world of difference for my 10 year old. She now wants to ride her bike everyday!  With conventional training wheels she was always afraid and wanted someone to walk along side her but now we can all go for a bike ride together and she can keep up with everyone. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!"  -Canada


"My son was diagnosed with mild CP at birth. It effects his right side, so his balance and coordination are poor. His prior biking past was with regular training wheels and they were as you would expect them to be, he was able to ride and he loved it. Then he got bigger and the training wheels buckled and broke under his weight, needless to say he was a very discouraged 6 year old that couldn't get the whole two wheel thing down. He started to hate trying to ride his bike. Then I googled heavy duty training wheels on the chance there was some kind of product available out there, and voila.. FATWHEELS! We had to fart around a bit to get them just right for his bike, but once we did... CP took a backseat to FATWHEELS and has given my son the freedom to ride with his friends once again. My only "cramp" is that we ended up paying almost the same as the FATWHEELS in shipping, handling and duty fees... but still worth it by a long shot. So "Thank You" FATWHEELS! Ride on!" - Northern Canada


The quality of the wheels is exceptional.  They provide exactly what our daughter needs to independently ride her bike, which is wonderful.  The only reason I did not give 5 stars, was there are no Canadian distributors.  By the time we paid the shipping, exchange rate, taxes and some 'processing'  charge at the border the wheels were just under $300.  It would be nice for special needs families in Canada to have another option. - Canada

Fat wheels were easy to install you just need a vice however to bend the bracket. My daughter enjoys being able to ride a 

big bike - Bowmanville, ON


This is our second set of fat wheels and we love them. Get a vise or find someone who has one, because most bikes will need the axle extenders. Instructions are easy to follow and installation took 1 hour. - Fort McMurray, Canada


Purchased the large Fatwheels for our 10 year old son who has Down Syndrome.  He LOVES riding his new 26" bike and these wheels give him the stability he needs to feel secure and safe.  Very pleased with our purchase! - Canada


We have a small FATWHEELS product and it was very easy to install, it is lighter than some other products out in market. The price is right...however the Canadian dollar is not valued as much as US dollar. So, price is deceiving (if you are buying from Canada)

Staff is friendly and communicate in timely manner. - Toronto, ON. Canada


Very well made.  Sturdy, thick metal brackets.  Some better shipping options to Canada would make purchasing 

more appealing - Brighton, ON Canada


My company sells medical equipment and we receive requests from our partner to supply this product for children with mobility issues. These children gain the freedom to use their bikes with their friends with FATWHEELS installed.

Great product and a great company to deal with.



Dalhousie, NB Canada


Amazing service!

Amazing staff!

Amazing product!

...and one VERY happy special needs Mama!!

Kapuskasing, ON Canada

We are looking for Canadian Distributors.  If you are interested in stocking our product please contact sales at