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FATWHEELS are suitable for patients in Level 1of the GMFCS


Mark L. (MPT) - Salt Lake City, UT

"FATWHEELS are a fantastic product.  I have been using them for about 3 years and they have really been great for my patients that have trunk control but still struggle with their balance while riding a bike.  In the past, I would have recommended a trike for this patient population, but now with FATWHEELS I can give my patients the stability that they need while they are using the most typical type of bike."


Kelley N. (PT) - Nashville, TN

"FATWHEELS are a great option for children who aren't able to balance on a standard bike, but don't need the level of support of an adaptive bicycle.  It gives them a great recreational activity to participate in alongside their peers, which also has cardiovascular & strengthening benefits."


Tanessa S. (PT) Seabrook, TX

"..It took me about 30 min to get it set up for my CP patient and his family as a Christmas gift. They were really pleased. We have also been using the FATWHEELS at our pediatric physical therapy clinic and I would recommend them to anyone!

Julia S (PT). - Cary NC

"Our patient is now able to ride his bike with his neighborhood friends, who all think his wheels are pretty cool! Excellent service - thank you very much!"