therapist testamonials

Mark L. (MPT) - Salt Lake City, UT

FATWHEELS are a fantastic product. I have been using them for about 3 years and they have really been great for my patients that have trunk control but still struggle with their balance while riding a bike. In the past, I would have recommended a trike for this patient population, but now with FATWHEELS I can give my patients the stability that they need while they are using the most typical type of bike."

Pat Fierro (LPTA) - Odessa, TX

We are a non profit organization that specializes in pediatric PT, OT, Speech and Audiology. We started back in in 1953 and are still serving our community today. So having items that can hold strong through the years is important for us, and your products have held strong. As a matter of fact, the first pair we got 13 years ago, are used on a daily basis for therapy sessions and we couldn't be happier with the way they perform. Thank you for making a great product! Looking forward to continuing to use and getting more products from FATWHEELS.

Kelley N. (PT) - Nashville, TN

"FATWHEELS are a great option for children who aren't able to balance on a standard bike, but don't need the level of support of an adaptive bicycle. It gives them a great recreational activity to participate in alongside their peers, which also has cardiovascular & strengthening benefits."