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Our son was diagnosed with Autism at 2 and last year we started having trouble with him bending the training wheels and not being able to balance on his bike. He was taking horse therapy at the time and in OT and we knew he wasn’t ready to even try riding with out the training wheels because he would get so tired so fast while riding his bike so it so frustrating when we thought he would have to give up bike riding. When I found you guys I was THRILLED. He is back on the path again and it allows us family time that isn’t in front of a gaming system and that is priceless.

So thank you from another family with special needs. We are so grateful for companies that see a need for something and do something about it. ;) We will always spread the word about FATWHEELS. by H. Lynd

Wow! I opened them up this morning, and could not have been happier with them. They're extremely well made! My son has to have hip surgery, so we didn't want him to try riding without wheels this summer. by M. Sullivan

We are very happy with our purchase. Our 11 year old special needs daughter who has low muscle tone and balance issues can now ride a bike. She is out of this world excited and so are we! Thank You!


"THANK YOU for helping our family bike ride become a reality!"

".......So happy I bought these - now I can get out & enjoy my bike again without the fear of falling - thanks FATWHEELS!"

Benjamin O.

Ben has diagnosed with Asperger's and mild cerebral palsy which has affected his balance. Up until recently Ben hasn't been able to ride a two wheel bike and has been using a Rifton trike. But as both he and his sister have been getting older it's been getting harder and harder for him to keep up on the trike.

Regular training wheels have never worked well for Ben since they still allowed the bike to tip very easily. .

So we looked online for larger training wheels and came across FATWHEELS. They were just what we were looking for.

Now Ben is able to ride his 2 wheel bike with much more stability (He still needs to learn not to take fast, sharp turns, but that will come in time) and we will be taking it on our very next camping trip for him to ride!

My company sells medical equipment and we receive requests from our partner to supply this product for children with mobility issues. These children gain the freedom to use their bikes with their friends with FATWHEELS installed. Great product and a great company to deal with. by JC Paradis

Excellent service and product. Used these to help an 85 year old lady avoid the dreaded Adult trike. She was able to use her really cute existing bike, and get around her neighborhood in modern style... Buy these, follow the instructions, or have your helpful local bike shop install them. Fun times for all! by T Twitchell