Special Needs

FATWHEELS help many people with disabilities ride a typical bike. Often these individuals have participated in therapies and endured hours of practice but have still not mastered the skills they need to ride a bike independently. Most have mild/moderate chronic balance deficits but do not need the intensive support, (or the high cost), of an adaptive trike.

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FATWHEELS help individuals who are under-going rehabilitation to regain their strength, balance & range of motion. This group of people are often participating in a post-surgical program or recovering from heart/stroke incidents

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*Rider must have adequate range of motion in at least one leg and be able to hold their core in an upright position.

Older Adults

Many older adults find it difficult to ride a bike without a little bit of additional support.This group of people want to continue their active lifestyle and maintain their health but are often afraid of falling and sustaining an injury.

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