Q: Can FATWHEELS be used on a multi-speed bike that has a derailleur?

A: Yes - all of the FATWHEELS kits are designed to accommodate bikes with derailleurs.

Q: How do I measure the bike size?

A: Bike size refers to the size of the rear tire, which is shown on the sidewall of the tire.

Q: Can FATWHEELS be mounted on a bike with "quick-release" hubs?

A: Only the Adult FATWHEELS can. Additionally, the Small and Large FATWHEELS kits require a solid rear axle with nuts for mounting. Your local bike shop can help install a solid axle if you do not have one.

Q: How long does the rear axle need to be to mount FATWHEELS?

A: Ideally, the axle should stick beyond the nuts at least 3/16 of an inch (equivalent to the thickness of three 25¢ coins) before FATWHEELS can be mounted. If your bike does not have a suitable axle length, we supply axle extenders in each kit.

Note: FATWHEELS are made to mount to 3/8" diameter axles. They may be bored out to a larger diameter (such as 10mm or 14mm) if necessary.

Q: How wide are bikes equipped with FATWHEELS?

A: It is 25" for the Small FATWHEELS, 34" for the Large FATWHEELS, and 37" for the Adult FATWHEELS.

Q: Can Adult FATWHEELS be mounted on tandem bikes?

A: Yes - Adult FATWHEELS can be mounted on a tandem bike as long as it has a standard rear frame configuration. The back portion of the frame must resemble a regular bike with a standard seat and chain stay. Please confirm this with yo bike shop before you order.

Q. Can FATWHEELS be mounted on a folding bike?

A: No - the frame configuration on a folding bike is different than a typical bicycle. FATWHEELS brackets are not compatible with this type of frame style.

Q: Will FATWHEELS fit on bicycles equipped with 10 or 14mm axles?

A: Yes, they will fit but the FATWHEELS frame mounting bracket hole of the bracket will need to be drilled out to fit. Unfortunately this will only apply to bicycles that do not require axle extenders.


Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: We do accept purchase orders from school boards, hospitals and government agencies.

To order via PO please email

Q: Are you a Medicare provider?

A: No - FATWHEELS is not a Medicare provider.


Q: Why don't you offer free shipping?

A: Many companies raise their prices then offer "free" shipping - we don't think that is being open & honest with our customers. We offer an excellent product at a fair price and deliver it straight to your door via UPS. We treat you like family - no gimmicks & no secrets.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: We strive to ship the same business day if orders are placed by 1:00 pm EST.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: "Yes" we ship outside of the USA via one or our distributors.

Follow this link for more information: International Shipping Partner

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping options?

A: We do not offer expedited shipping options during checkout - if you would like to receive your order sooner call us at 734-414-1999 or email & we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Q: Do you have a brick & mortar store?

A: "No" we are an e-commerce business only. If you would like installation help or prefer to deal directly with a "real" person - visit your local bike shop.

Q: Can I pick up my FATWHEELS?

A: If you are in the metro Detroit area and you would like to pick up your FATWHEELS, we can arrange that with our fulfillment warehouse. Please email us at for further assistance.