our story

Our son was born with a rare genetic disorder called Kleefstra Syndrome. By age 10, he still couldn't ride a bike independently. We tried balance bikes, enrolled him in bike camps and took him to therapy but he still struggled. He not only had balance issues but sensory ones as well and he had fallen so many times that we were worried that he would never get back on a bike.

An adaptive trike was an option but he didn't need that level of support. Besides, those bikes were very expensive and our insurance would not cover the cost. We were starting to lose hope of him ever joining our family bike rides when we discovered FATWHEELS. We simply bolted them on and within minutes he was riding around the neighborhood with the other kids!

In the spring of 2014, we purchased the FATWHEELS brand and we are very honored & grateful to be able to help others experience the FUN and FREEDOM that a set of FATWHEELS can offer.

Colleen & Tony Berlingieri